Saturday, December 19, 2009

I shall not wish you the old ~ Merry Christmas ~

On this date ... Saturday, the 19th day of December 2009 ... Randy challenged the readers of SNGF to be givers of genealogy-related gifts. I am thinking today of my Uncle Bob, who died 21 December 1997, but what weighs heavy on my heart and mind is the news of the recent death of the husband of a member of the geneablogging community. For Terri, I humbly give the gift of a simple collage, assembled in memory of her Darrell, and in honor of the 1st blogiversary of The Ties That Bind, along with a wish / prayer for the gift of peace . . .

I question if Christmas can ever be “merry,”
Except to the heart of an innocent child–
For when time has taught us the meaning of sorrow
And sobered the spirits that once were so wild,

When all the green graves that lie scattered behind us
Like milestones are marking the length of the way
And echoes of voices that no more shall greet us
Have saddened the chimes of the bright Christmas Day—

We may not be merry, the long years forbid it,
The years that have brought us such manifold smarts,
But we may be happy, if only we carry
The Spirit of Christmas deep down in our hearts.

Hence I shall not wish you the old Merry Christmas,
Since that is of shadowless childhood a part,
But one that is holy and happy and peaceful,
The Spirit of Christmas deep down in your heart.

author unknown

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