Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Easy to Go Home

The other day I passed a place

you always liked to go,

And I picked up the phone because

I thought you'd want to know;

But I forgot that you weren't there,

Oh, I miss you so these days,

But I'm reminded of your smile

and the funny things you'd say.

You left a grieving family,

and friends who love you, too,

Though I have felt you many times,

And know you saw me through;

I always long to feel your arms

and look into your eyes,

And talk forever me and you

somewhere in Paradise.

Knowing we can spend a lifetime

reminiscing on the past,

Knowing I will see your face again

where tender moments last;

It makes me want to be there

knowing I won't be alone,

Knowing you'll be there

makes it easy to go Home.



Guy Penrod