Sunday, January 21, 2018

In memory of Betty and Iola and Dorris

Psalm 102:18
Let this be written
for a future generation . . .

Alex Haley is often quoted as having said that when an old person dies, it is like a small library burning. 

The difference is, most libraries only have books for which there are duplicates in many other libraries. 

But when an old person dies, it is a tragic loss of the many and varied pages and chapters of the assorted books of that person's unique life . . . it is left to us, the living, to remember and record and memorialize their stories . . .

Remembering and honoring
the varied lives of . . .

my neighbor and friend
21 January 1928 ~ 17 January 2018


my 1st cousin once removed
11 February 1921 ~ 20 January 2018


mother of my 2nd cousins
19 January 1926 ~ 20 January 2018

Let them not vanish
like ghosts of forgotten memories . . .