Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have a hope beyond the grave

It is now night
and all is silent.
I am here alone
and in silence 

all my past friends
with all my relations
fall heavy on my mind.

They all are gone,
and I too must soon follow.

To be laid in the dust 

in the silent grave
and there to be 

forever forgotten
makes the cold chills 

run over my whole body.

I have a hope beyond the grave.

That hope is that 

when I am consigned 
to my grave,
someone on the earth 

might remember me.

From the Diary of Joseph Kemp
April 1, 1853

From The Tri-County Genealogical Society in Missouri. Found today while researching Cole Younger (a distant cousin), who died on this date in 1916. A fellow blogger once had this quote featured on their family history blog, stating that they first heard it on the BYU channel while watching the series, "Ancestors." I have not yet (as of 2009) found other references to a diary of a Joseph Kemp.

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