Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The reunion of tomorrow

Mark Twain quotations on death . . .

  • Death is the starlit strip
    between the companionship of yesterday
    and the reunion of tomorrow.

    . . . on a monument erected to Mark Twain & Ossip Gabrilowitsch

  • It has been reported that I was seriously ill --
    it was another man;
    dying -- it was another man;
    dead -- the other man again . . .
    As far as I can see,
    nothing remains to be reported,
    except that I have become a foreigner.
    When you hear it, don't you believe it.
    And don't take the trouble to deny it.
    Merely just raise the American flag
    on our house in Hartford
    and let it talk.

    . . . Letter to Frank E. Bliss, 11/4/1897

Remembering our cousin . . .
Samuel Langhorne Clemens
30 November 1835 ~ 21 April 1910

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